Indecon Consulting

Our competence areas

Public Sector Consulting

indecon works with officials from all levels of national governments and international agencies on a wide variety of policy issues. We help the public sector to play a prominent role in enabling economic growth and supporting social responsibility.

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Corporate Advisory Services

indecon offers a wide range of services to investors, including individuals, enterprises, private equity/investment funds or banks. Based on a thorough analysis of portfolios and production sites we develop tailor-made optimisation strategies to fit to our..

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Cross-Sector Topics

In addition to sector specific issues, we specialise in a range of cross-sector topics relating to both the private and the public sector. This covers areas such as: Privatisation Procurement Health Energy & Utilities Anreizregulierung

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Regional experience

We believe that successful tailor-made solutions depend on a thorough understanding of regional particularities. During the past 20 years we have worked extensively in a wide range of emerging markets, thereby developing a deep practical working knowledge of local conditions and key players.

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Staff’s diverse expertise

Our staff come from both public and private sector backgrounds and include former civil servants and local government officers with significant track records in international public sector consulting. At the same time, our large and continually-growing pool of experts enables us to draw on a wealth of different skills and experience and to offer the ideal consultant for every specific task.

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Professional networks

Our previous assignments have enabled us to build strong and reliable professional networks in Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Southeast Asia. These contacts are a precious asset since they facilitate access to information and help us to deploy our project teams effectively.

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